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A climbing plant is great for adding height to your garden. Used up against a wall, trellis, pergola or fence panel, it will attach itself and grow up it. At Jones we pride ourselves on offering a large variety of climbers to give our customers a greater choice for their gardens. Climbing plants are successful because they rely on the support of other plants or objects. This strategy means that climbing plants don't need to invest much in supportive tissue, such as wood. They also aren't restricted by height limits like trees are. So looking for a natural way to cover a wall, shed or the side of your house? Ask our staff at Jones Garden Centre for advice or order your climber in our webshop!

Is it difficult to grow and maintain climbers?

When planting climbing plants, it's important to choose a location that provides adequate sunlight and well-draining soil. Many climbing plants also require support, such as a trellis, pole, or wall, to climb up. Regular pruning and training are also important to ensure healthy growth and maximum flowering.

Add a touch of elegance with Clematis

This stunning plant produces large, showy flowers in a variety of colours, from white to pink to deep purple. Clematis is a versatile climber that can be trained to grow up trellises, fences, or walls. 

There are over 300 different species of clematis, each with its own unique growth habit, flower shape, and colour. Some species, such as Clematis montana, produce fragrant flowers that are perfect for attracting bees and other pollinators, while others, such as Clematis armandii, are evergreen and produce foliage year-round.

Good to know: Proper pruning is essential for maintaining a healthy and abundant clematis display. Understanding the specific pruning requirements of your clematis variety is crucial, as different types have different pruning groups.

A forever green backdrop with Ivy

Ivy, also known as Hedera, is a popular climbing plant that is known for its lush, green foliage and ability to cover walls, trellises, and other vertical surfaces. This plant is easy to grow and low-maintenance, making it a great choice for beginners. 

One of the main benefits of growing ivy as a climbing plant is its ability to provide a natural and attractive backdrop to any outdoor space. The plant's thick, green leaves can create a cool and relaxing environment, and also provide privacy and noise reduction.

Tip for ivy-growers: Ivy thrives in partial shade to full shade, making it an ideal choice for areas with limited direct sunlight. When selecting a location, consider placing ivy in spots that receive filtered light or are shaded for a significant part of the day.

Buy climbing plants near Dublin

Whether you're looking to add vertical interest to your garden or bring lush greenery indoors, climbers are a fantastic choice. At Jones Garden Centre, we offer a wide selection of climbers to suit every taste and space. Whether you visit our Donabate store or explore our online shop, you'll find an extensive range of climbers, including clematis, ivy, jasmine, and more.