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Garden Furniture Covers

At Jones garden centre we have everything you need to enjoy your outdoors all year round. Not only do we have gardensets to suit any size of garden or balcony, you can find everything you need to give your outdoorspace or balcony a stylish and personal touch!

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Furniture Covers at Jones Garden Centre

To prolong the life of your garden furniture as long a possible, it's important to protect them from bad weather conditions. Jones Garden Centre offers a wide range of furniture covers suitable for all your garden furniture. We store furniture covers for most garden furniture sets, such as 4-seaters, 6-seaters, and 8-seaters. Also for furniture like a bistro set or a sunbeds, we have fitting  furniture covers.

Why the use of furniture covers is important?

A professional furnishing cover will keep water and dirt out. Whether you have a soft sofa including cushions or a hard surface like wood or plastic, garden furniture always needs to be protected to stay in good and safe shape. By using a furniture cover, you extend the lifespan of your outside furniture without having to store it away. Keep your garden furniture looking new and cover your garden furniture with a tight fitting cover from our webshop. Here are some reasons to use furniture covers: 

  • protection against humidity, rain and snow
  • protection against UV rays
  • helps prevent the fading of color
  • helps to prevent moss growth 
  • extends the lifespan of your furniture

Why the experts of Jones Garden Centre advice the use of garden furniture covers

Even if you live in an area that doesn't experience extreme bad or wet weather, we always recommend using furniture covers. This gives your furniture an extra layer of protection and will even keep out small amounts of morning dew or pollination which might create rust on even small parts of your garden furniture. Some materials don't do well when left out in constant sunlight, so it's always better to use a cover. Besides protection,  with a cover you also make sure your furniture is always ready to use since you don't have to clean it before using it.

What you need to know when buying garden furniture covers

When you are looking for the best furniture cover, there are a few things you should know and keep in mind. There are endless options with furniture covers. We've made a list of the things you should think of before buying a furniture cover: 


1. Know the dimensions of your garden furniture

  • It's important that the cover fits well around your furniture, so you need to know the dimensions of your furniture. Sometimes, mostly we have the exact cover for your particular brand of furniture set, like a 4 seat dining set, a 6 seat round dining set, or an 8 seat rectangular dining set. If you have a a different model or a combined set, you should measure your dimensions before purchasing a cover. Measure the length, width and height of your furniture or garden set.
  • Buying a cover that is not long enough gives you not enough space to securely cover your whole set. This will cause open space,where wind can get a hold of your covered furniture, which can cause dangerous situations.
  • If you buy a cover that is too wide, it can cause trap water and dirt to accumulate at the base of the furniture. For these reasons, buying furniture covers that fit tight is crucial.Most of the quality furniture brands have matching covers for their garden sets and furniture.

2. Choose the right material

  • If you want your furniture to be fully protected. It’s important the cover is waterproof and breathable. Waterproof covers will protect your furniture even in the heaviest rainfall. The best waterproof material is vinyl. Vinyl allows water droplets to slide down the cover.
  • Whatever material your cover is made of; always make sure your furniture is clean and dry before you cover it up. Otherwise, mildew or mould will get a grip on your furniture.
  • Make sure the cover you pick is made of breathable material, this will help prevent condensation and humidity build-up.

How to use Furniture Covers

Covering your furniture is not the only thing, that’s needed when it’s bad weather. When it's very windy, high winds will hit your cover, and your furniture will be exposed. If you don’t want your cover to blow away, pick one with straps.The easiest way to use furniture covers is by choosing a model that has tie-downs. With these straps, you can tie down each end to a leg of each piece of furniture. The cover will stay in place, with just an easy pull on the straps.

Buy Furniture Covers at Jones Garden Centre

Jones Garden Centre we offer a selection of high quality furniture covers. Choose the one that fits your furniture set like a glove. If you need help by selecting the right one, please call us. We are open 7 days a week and our experts are happy to help you!