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Growing your own vegetables and flowers is way easier than you might think! Especially with the range of Unwins seeds we carry at Jones Garden Centre. Buy your vegetable- and flower seeds online in our webshop or come to Jones garden centre in Donabate

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How to grow your own vegetables from seeds

If you're starting to grow your own vegetables, it can be quite challenging to find out which tools are necessary for maintaining healthy soil, plants and vegetables. That's why we like to help and advice you on what is needed in a kitchen garden!

  • As first step, start with the right place - choose a sunny site where there is enough space.
  • Vegetable bulbs or seeds prefer loose well-draining soil. Make sure the ground isn't too heavy by loosening it up and mix this with some grit if need be; vegetable bulbs or seed don't tolerate compacted clay very well either so make sure they have room for their roots as they spread through the dirt.
  • Mixing organic material into the soil provides a sufficient amount of nutrients that will keep them alive whilst also softening up hard clumps of dirt so that when roots try growing deep down into their new environment there should not be any obstacles.
  •  The pH level needs to be somewhere between 6-7 (a neutral pH) but how do we lower acidity when it is really to high? You could add aluminium sulfate lime or sulfur to lower the pH  or add lime to raise it.

Sowing your own seeds with Unwin seeds from Jones Garden centre

Sowing seeds might seem like a lot more work than to just buy seedlings but for a true gardener, nothing beats the process of seeing your vegetables, flowers and fruits start from scratch! At Jones Garden Centre we know a lot about sowing seeds and we like to share some of our best tips and tricks with you!

1.Choose a container for your plant's seedlings so they will be easier for you keep track! Handy seed-sowing containers can also found at Jones garden centre!

2. Make sure the soil you use is quality soil as well as potting or starting mixes which can both be bought in our webshop or store.

3. To plant your seeds, you should make sure they're planted at the proper depth in their pot or full ground. You can usually find on the back of seed packets what depth each kind of seeds need.

4. Sunlight is the most important for your seedlings! Make sure they get plenty of it. If they don't, they will become less resistant to outdoor circumstances, lowering their chances of survival.

Grow your own vegetable garden with vegetable seeds from Jones Garden Centre

Planting your kitchen garden this season? We offer you a range of Unwin vegetables seeds here in our webshop. Are you not sure which ones are suitable for the beginners' garden or have any other questions about new seeds, sets, or perennial vegetables? Don't hesitate to contact us! In the meantime, keep that garden growing!