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All kind of bulbs

At Jones garden centre we're proud of our wide range of bulbs. There are bulbs for any kind of garden and in many different colors. Plant your spring flowering bulbs in autumn to make sure you have a garden full of colour next spring. Order your bulbs easy online in our webshop or bring us a visit at Jones garden centre!

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Buy Plant Bulbs: The Best Guide to Buying and Maintaining a Garden

Keeping up a garden can be challenging. Even if you plan your garden in advance, it’s easy to miss some details when you’re so caught up in the excitement of planting new plants. However, unless you have a green thumb, it might take a little longer than expected for your plants to start thriving. Read on for more information about buying plant bulbs and maintaining a garden.

What is the best time to buy plant bulbs?

When should you buy your bulbs? The best time to purchase bulbs is in the autumn, before the winter season hits. The bulbs will not only be cheaper during this time, but they will also have plenty of time to grow and establish in the soil before the next gardening season. There are a few exceptions to this rule, however. It’s better to buy tulip bulbs in the spring and hyacinth bulbs in the summer, as these bulbs are more difficult to grow in cold weather.

How to choose the best bulbs for your garden?

When you’re out buying bulbs, get to know the different types of bulbs that are available. You can usually find them at your local gardening store. Spring bulbs, such as tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths, are the best for creating colourful displays. Summer bulbs, such as lilies, gladiolas, and cannas, make great additions to the garden in the late summer months. Autumn bulbs, such as amaryllis, crocuses, and grape hyacinths, are excellent for adding vibrant colour in the fall. Winter bulbs, such as hyacinths, are best for creating a colourful display in the winter months.

How to properly care for your new plants?

Let’s say you’ve bought your bulbs, planted them in the ground, and now you’re wondering how to care for them until they start to grow. If you’re growing spring bulbs, you might want to keep the soil in your garden moist and the leaves covered with soil or mulch. If you’re growing summer or autumn bulbs, they need to be planted deeper than they were in the store or they will not grow. Your winter bulbs need to be kept in a dark place where they will not freeze. All bulbs should be kept at a temperature between 50 and 60 °F until they sprout. Finally, you should keep in mind that bulbs generally need about 12 weeks to sprout.

Order your bulbs at Jones Garden Centre

Bulbs are an excellent choice for beginners and experts alike. They are easy to plant, provide a variety of flowers and colours, and provide a great source of nutrients for the soil. If you have any questions about how to care for your bulbs, reach out to us for advice. We are happy to help you get your green thumb on!