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Bird Care Products at Jones

Bird Care Products at Jones

When it comes to feeding the wild birds in your garden, it's crucial to be mindful of their nutritional needs. Avoid the common pitfalls of offering empty fillers like bread, desiccated coconut, sugary treats, and cooked oats. These items can be harmful and even life-threatening to birds. Instead, opt for nutritious options such as high-quality bird food that is specifically designed for their dietary requirements.

The Importance of Installing a Birdbath

Water is an essential component of a bird's diet, especially for seed-eating birds that require it to wash down dry meals. Installing a birdbath in your garden provides a water source for birds to stay hydrated. However, it's essential to keep an eye on the birdbath during winter to prevent freezing, ensuring that your feathered visitors have access to water year-round.

Strategic Placement of Nestboxes

Turn your garden into a welcoming habitat for birds by strategically placing nestboxes. Experiment with different types and locations, moving them if needed to attract bird families. Cleaning the nestboxes annually by removing old nests and disinfecting with mild soap and hot water helps create a safe environment for nesting.

Maintaining Cleanliness: Feeders and Nestboxes

Regular maintenance is key to the well-being of your garden birds. Clean feeders to remove mouldy seeds and reduce the risk of spreading diseases. Similarly, ensure nestboxes are cleaned annually to eliminate parasites. A clean environment contributes to the health and safety of the birds frequenting your garden.

A Thoughtful Feeding Routine

In cold weather, feed your garden birds twice daily with the right bird feed to support their energy needs. Adjust the quantity based on demand to avoid attracting unwanted rodents. Consistency is key; once you establish a feeding routine, birds will become accustomed to it, relying on your support for survival.

Smart Positioning of Bird Feeders

Strategically position bird feeders about 2 meters away from cover, creating a safe feeding station. Avoid placing them near hiding spots for potential predators. Ensure feeder support posts are smooth and straight to deter climbing by cats and squirrels. Adding a sloped baffle further prevents squirrels from accessing the feeder.

Ground-Feeding Options: Trays and Lawn Scattering

Consider adding a feeding tray no more than 10cm off the ground or scatter food on the lawn to attract ground-feeders like thrushes, blackbirds, chaffinches, and sparrows. Using a cage to protect birds from predators or opting for window feeders allows you to observe the birds comfortably from behind the glass.

Your One-Stop Solution at Jones Garden Centre

At Jones Garden Centre, we understand the importance of creating a bird-friendly environment in your garden. Our comprehensive range of high-quality bird food, carefully selected nestboxes, and feeders ensures you have everything you need to care for the wild birds in your space. Visit our garden centre in Donabate or explore our online webshop to discover sustainable, safe, and trendy bird care products for a thriving garden ecosystem.