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Christmas tree? Christmas plant! Here's how to decorate your houseplant

Christmas tree? Christmas plant! Here's how to decorate your houseplant

The merriest days of the year are approaching! That means we can soon go wild with the prettiest decorations and lights for the Christmas tree. How delightful! But why stop at the Christmas tree when you can also decorate your houseplants? You can give your green rascals a festive look to make the Christmas fun even greater. How? In this blog article, we will tell you more about the do's and don'ts of such an alternative Christmas tree... er, Christmas plant!

Lights in the plant

The easiest way to give your plants a Christmas upgrade is to wrap them with lights. It's a great way to make especially large houseplants shine during the holidays. A money tree, a palm or a Ficus are some examples of houseplants that will shine optimally because of their height. Don't be too wild with your light strings, though, as you obviously don't want the leaves to be damaged by your LED lights. You should also be careful with a large cactus, of course.

Christmas balls and garlands

Then, of course, there are Christmas ornaments. If you can hang a bauble on the branch of a Christmas tree, you can of course do the same on your Christmas plant. Think of a Sansevieria or a Yucca. If your plant cannot support too much weight, you can also choose to get started with just a Christmas garland. Bows or ribbon can also give your plant a festive look, especially if you choose decoration in colours such as red, green, silver and gold. An added advantage? You won't be bothered by falling-out needles!

Tip: Not only the plant, but also the pots and containers can of course be upgraded. Make it easy on yourself by using ribbon or self-adhesive bows. You probably have these lying around to wrap presents with anyway! And speaking of presents... just wrap your pot with fun gift paper or a Christmas tree skirt!

Getting started with air plants

Air plants are exceptionally easy to care for and have interesting shapes and colours, perfect for a wreath! Attach these low-maintenance air plants to a wreath and add creative accents: ornaments, holly, pine cones and more. Moisten the air plants every so often to keep them completely happy. You can also integrate the plants into your Christmas decorations in a different way. Make a Christmas arrangement and incorporate your plants into it or simply put them on a beautifully laid dining table as decoration. You can go either way with succulents. After all, they can take a beating and fit into any interior style!

Buying an alternative Christmas tree at Jones

You read it, it is easy to make your houseplants fit in with the Christmas spirit. In some cases, you can skip the tree altogether! If you start looking at your planting in a creative way, the possibilities are endless. For example, build an entire Christmas village around your houseplant or put an illuminated reindeer between the plants for a 'jungle ball' effect. You can go all out this Christmas! In any case, stop by for a great selection of Christmas decorations, Christmas lights and Christmas houses. You've also come to the right place for some extra greenery. Ho ho hope to see you soon!