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Vegetable Seeds

Growing your own fruit and vegetables is a rewarding and sustainable way to produce fresh produce. Sowing and harvesting seeds is a simple and cost-effective method for starting a vegetable or fruit garden. Grow your own tomatoes for a fresh pasta sauce, perfectly crisp radishes to add to a summer salad or maincrop potatoes for the best chips you’ve ever had! Explore the types of seeds available here in our webshop and learn how to sow and harvest them.

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Growing your own vegetables

For some growing vegetables is second nature, others might think growing your own vegetables is complicated. At Horticentre we know a lot about growing and harvesting delicious vegetables and we like to share our passion with you. We do this by selecting the best vegetable seeds and all the tools and products you need to successfully grow your own vegetable garden. 

Do I need a big garden to grow my own vegetables?

To enjoy homegrown organic vegetables you don’t need a big garden. You can plant vegetable seeds in pots on your balcony, patio or even windowsill. With the right care, herbs and even vegetables like tomatoes, aubergine and carrots can grow in a small space! 

Is it a lot of work to grow your own vegetables?

Another myth is that it is a lot of work to grow your own fresh vegetables. It doesn’t have to be! If you want to grow your own herbs to use while cooking and pick your own tomatoes, that is not a lot of complicated work. It’s fairly easy and with the right garden tools, growing media, and some tender, love and care, you’ll be enjoying your own kitchen garden in no time! Starting small with herbs and tomatoes is a great way to ease into gardening, and as you gain confidence, you can expand your garden to include more varieties of vegetables and even fruits. Regularly tending to your plants, monitoring their growth, and learning as you go will turn this seemingly daunting task into a rewarding hobby. The joy of harvesting your own produce, knowing it’s fresh and pesticide-free, makes all the effort worthwhile. Plus, gardening can be a therapeutic activity, offering a sense of calm and connection to nature.

What do I need to grow my own vegetable garden?

So you have decided to grow your own organic veggies, now you might wonder what you need to be able to eat them in a few months! If you can’t grow your vegetables in full ground but you’re planning to grow them in pots or planters, then that is where you’ll start with:

  • Growpots 
  • Vegetable seeds
  • Growing media
  • Plant feed

If you have a piece of garden you want to make into a vegetable garden, you might also want to think about the following:

  • Pest & Disease control
  • Weedkillers
  • Plant support
  • Garden tools

Depending on what kind of vegetables you are going to grow, for example beans need support to be able to climb and some vegetables grow better in warmer circumstances. Then you might add to your list:

  • Gardening essentials
  • Greenhouse accessories
  • Watering 

Vegetable seeds at Jones Garden Centre

For personal advice about vegetable seeds and how to best plant them in your own garden, please visit our garden center in Donabate. Here our staff is happy to help you find the right vegetable seeds and everything you need to successfully grow your own vegetables. Looking to buy vegetable seeds online in our webshop but still have some questions? Just give us a call!