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Indoor Pots

Any indoor plant deserves a good indoor pot! Not only will you enjoy your indoor plant longer when it is standing in the right size and shaped pot but a nice green houseplant in a stylish indoor pot can be the eye catcher you're looking for. At Jones garden centre we have a wide range of outdoor and indoor pots to choose from. Have a look in our webshop below or come visit our garden centre in Donabate, where our plant experts are available for any questions you might have!

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Selecting appropriate pots for indoor plants is so much more than just choosing a “pretty one.” Plant pots serve a more important function than just being a plant-holding vessel. Selecting the right one makes the difference between a healthy houseplant and one that’s struggling and needs a lot of work.

There’s a wide variety of choices in pot materials, sizes and styles! What you use depends on the plant’s moisture preferences and size. In general, use terra cotta pots for drought-tolerant plants preferring fast-draining soil. Use plastic, metal or glazed ceramic for plants requiring a moist environment.


Different Types Of Pots For Indoor Plants at Jones Garden Centre

Just a walk down the plant pot aisle at Jones garden centre will highlight all your available choices in containers. You’ll most likely find pots made of various materials, colors, sizes and styles and sometimes choosing the right one can seem daunting. To ensure you select the best pot for your favorite plant, it’s always best to find out what the plant needs. This also helps in choosing the best material, size, and style to ensure problem-free and vigorous growth. If you need help with this, don't hessitate to ask our qualified staff to give you a hand! If you are planning on purchasing your indoor pot in our webshop and want some advice, just give us a call!