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Bird Food

Birds require high-energy foods during the cold autumn and winter weather to maintain their fat reserves to survive the frosty nights. But to keep wild birds coming to your garden it's best to feed them all year round. At Jones garden centre we stock only good-quality bird food. Have a look in our webshop or pay us a visit in our garden centre in Donabate, Dublin. Here our experienced staff will help you with all the questions regarding bird food, you might have!

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Should you feed birds all year round?

When you enjoy the wildlife in your garden and like watching the birds come and go, you can help them a great deal by feeding them on a regular basis when they need it most: in the coldest months of the year. Most wild birds are fine in spring, summer and autumn, when there are enough natural resources like insects, seeds and fruits. Besides that it's important for young birds to learn to find food in the wold on their own.However there are two exceptions to this rule and they're called the hummingbird and the goldfinch. Offer these birds nectar in your feeders to help fuel their high metabolism, and provide Nyjer seed to your goldfinches, until thistles go to seed and they can feed of those.

What bird foods should you offer to the wild birds in your garden

Depending on which birds you have you might choose different kinds of food, to give you an idea here are some suggestions:

Winter foods for wild birds in you garden

  • Peanuts: offer these in tube-shaped metal mesh feeders.
  • Nyjer seed: You can use a tube feeder with small holes to keep the seeds from spilling out to easily.
  • Black-oil sunflower seed: These are high in fat and provide good energy; important is that these seeds are small and thin-shelled enough for small birds to crack open.
  • Nyjer seeds: Packed with energy for smaller birds like the finch
  • Any kind of natural balanced mixes: These have different seeds, corn and nuts, that will attract a wide variety of birds

Other seasons food for wild birds in your garden

  • Spring feeding: Besides seeds you can offer fruit, and nesting materials, such as pet fur, bits of string or yarn, and small strips of cloth to help nesting birds.
  • Summer feeding: limit to nectar for hummingbirds and nyjer seed for goldfinches
  • Autumn feeding: You might want to offer  peanuts, peanut butter, millet or energy balls

Wild bird food at Jones Garden Centre

At Jones Garden Centre we have a wide variety of different bird foods and feeders to match. Come and have a look in our Wild bird department and see what fits your garden or balcony. our staff is happy to help you with any questions you might have regarding bird food. In our webshop you can order quick, safe and easy and rest assured your birdfood will be delivered to your door in no time.