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Bird Feeders

Nothing beats enjoying wildlife in your own garden and making that happen is easier than you think! Install a bird feeder and some quality bird food and you’ll be surprised by the array of wild birds that will soon call your garden or balcony their home. At Jones we stock a wide variety of different bird feeders for many different kinds of wildbirds.

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To make sure birds will like your garden and come regularly to enjoy a meal there's a few things to take into account. Not only what kind of bird feeder is best in your situation but also where to put it and what to put on it. Rest assured no matter what kind of outdoors you have, birds are everywhere and they will most likely find your feeder when you take these tips into account:

How do I choose the right birdfeeder for my garden?

When searching for that perfect feeder keep the following tips in mind:

  • Plastic, steel, or glass feeders are easier to clean than are feeders with porous surfaces, like the ones from wood or clay. 
  • Choose feeders with no sharp edges or points
  • Small feeders are empty a whole lot quicker, leaving less time for seeds to get spoiled or wet.
  • Set up more than one feeder and allow space between them to avoid crowding.
  • Choose a feeder with drainage holes.

Where to put bird feeders

One of the most important things to take into account is that birds need to feel safe in order to come and eat. Make sure your bird feeder is out of reach of free-roaming cats and other predators. If you choose to put a feeder on ground level, you might want to use chicken wire or some thorny branches to create some protection for visiting birds. If you choose to put a birdfeeder in a tree, evergreen bush or shrubs, make sure that predators can't hide in it.

Why are different feeders placed at different levels?

If you're looking to attract a certain kind of birds or if you know what kind of birds are around in your area, you can select the right birdfeeder, Many birds will feed from more than one level and all of them have their own preference:

  • Ground level: sparrows, towhees, mourning doves and juncos.
  • Table level: finches, cardinals and jays.
  • Hanging feeders: goldfinches, titmice and chickadees.
  • Tree trunks: woodpeckers, wrens and nuthatches

Birdfeeders at Jones Garden Centre

At Jones Garden Centre we love birds! And that's why our staff knows just a thing or two about birdfeeders! So when you come to Jones Garden Centre have look at our Wildbird department and be sure to find everything you need to get a wildlife experience going in your own garden. Whether you're a first time bird watcher or a n experienced bird feeder. We have a wide range for you to choose from. Not only in our garden center in Donabate but also here online in our webshop!