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Plants that thrive in the bathroom

Plants that thrive in the bathroom

If you've seen plants that thrive in the bathroom the numerous photographs on social media showing an abundance of plants in bathrooms you might be wondering how you can make your bathroom into a paradise of plants. It is so relaxing to green up the bathroom and take a show amongst your very own jungle. Or perhaps a long soak until some hanging plants. It is also surprisingly easy to convert your bathroom into a showering haven where you can soak and relax among the plants after a hard day. Here are our top suggestions for plants that will grow well in the humidity of a bathroom and look great at the same time.

Ferns are perfect plants that thrive in the bathroom

Most Ferns enjoy the humidity of a bathroom and can even be grown in the shower where they will get wet a lot. The Boston fern and Maidenhair Fern are particularly useful in the humid environment and with many variations of green tones you can make your bathroom look spectacular just with ferns alone. Make sure they have good drainage, and they will grow for many years.

Plants that thrive in the bathroom also include Orchids

Orchids can bring that extra touch of the tropics and pops of lovely colour to a bathroom. Enjoying the humidity and needing little water, they will sit perfectly in lightroom and will make you smile each time you soak in the bath.

Begonia's are great plants that thrive in the bathroom

Begonia's enjoy the humid bathroom conditions, especially the rex begonias. Not only will they do great, but they have so many excellent foliage colours and grow well indoors. Make sure the soil doesn't get waterlogged and ensure they have plenty of night light, although many will be just fine in low light as well.

Another great plant that thrives in the bathroom is the Croton

Croton's need bright, indirect light and they will reward you with their stunning combinations of yellow, red, pink, green and much more coloured foliage. They are slow to grow, but they can get to about 6 feet tall! They will love the humidity and moisture in the bathroom.

Don't forget Air Plants that thrive in the bathroom

Air Plants (Tillandsia) are funky plants that can be tiny or big! You can hang them, lay them, attach them to the wall, decorate with them and all they will need is a spritz of water, meaning the humidity of a bathroom will suit them perfectly. One of the most natural types of plants to grow for maximum impact. You might even spot the surprisingly pretty flowers growing as well.

We have a range of houseplants perfect for your bathroom. Check us out in store and online.