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Mother's Day Gifts

Find the ideal Mother's Day present at Jones Garden Centre, whether you prefer to browse online in our webshop or visit us in person in Donabate. Our selection is designed to cater to every mum's taste, offering everything from the soothing ambience of candles and diffusers, to chic home accessories, and the verdant charm of indoor plants. For those uncertain of the perfect gift, our Mother's Day Digital Gift Card is a guaranteed delight, offering the flexibility for mum to choose exactly what she loves. Explore our range and ensure this Mother's Day is as special as she is.

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A wide choice of Mother's Day Gifts at Jones

Mother's Day is a special occasion to show appreciation and love for the incredible women in our lives. At Jones Garden Centre, we understand the importance of finding the perfect gift to express your gratitude and affection. Whether you're near or far, our extensive selection of Mother's Day gifts is available both online in our webshop and at our beautiful garden centre in Donabate, ensuring you can find the perfect token of appreciation for your mum, no matter where you are.

Julie Clarke candles for Mother's Day

Our range of gifts has been carefully curated to cater to the diverse tastes and preferences of all mothers. For those who cherish the calming and inviting atmosphere that only the flicker of a candle can provide, we offer an exquisite selection of candles from Julie Clarke. These beautifully crafted candles not only fill a room with their luxurious scents but also serve as a stylish decorative piece, perfect for any space in the home.

We also boast a collection of diffusers with luxurious scents that effortlessly transform any environment into a tranquil haven. These diffusers release a continuous, gentle fragrance, creating a serene backdrop for relaxation and well-being – an ideal gift for mums who appreciate a moment of calm in their busy lives.

Mother's Day Gifts - Jones

Home accessories for the person you call Mum

Our range of home accessories offers endless possibilities for personalising living spaces. From elegant home decorations that add a touch of sophistication, to practical yet stylish table cloths, and unique candle holders that can brighten any dinner table. Each piece has been selected for its ability to turn a house into a home, making them wonderful gifts for mothers who take pride in their home decor.

Mother's Day Gifts - Jones

Gifts for Green Thumbed Mums

For the nature-loving mum with a penchant for gardening, our array of 'grow your own' essentials presents an inspiring Mother's Day gift idea. Delight her with everything she needs to cultivate her own herbs, vegetables, or beautiful flower garden. From high-quality seeds to nutrient-rich soils and ergonomic gardening tools, these essentials not only encourage a rewarding hobby but also promote sustainability and a deeper connection with nature.

Or choose something for indoors. Our selection of indoor plants is second to none. Choose from the exotic beauty of Orchids, the striking presence of Cymbidium, or perhaps a lush green plant that purifies the air. Each plant is a living gift that grows and changes, symbolising the enduring love and gratitude you hold for your mother.

Digital Mother's Day Gift Card from Jones

And for those who find choosing the perfect gift a daunting task, the Mother's Day Digital Gift Card from Jones Garden Centre is the perfect solution. This thoughtful option allows mums to select exactly what they desire, whether it's a plant to add to their collection, a decorative piece for their home, or even a luxurious scent to envelop their space. You can determine the value of the gift card yourself, ensuring it fits both your budget and her dreams.