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Christmas Lights

Discover the enchanting world of Christmas lights at our Dublin garden centre or our webshop. Transform your home into a festive wonderland with our stunning range of Christmas lights. Whether you're looking for traditional fairy lights, battery-operated lights for added convenience, or elegant icicle lights, we have the perfect options to suit your style. Explore our extensive selection of high-quality lights, available in various colours and designs. From twinkling tree lights to dazzling outdoor displays, our Christmas lights will bring joy and warmth to your holiday season. Visit our garden centre in Dublin to see our delightful collection of Christmas lights in person.

Christmas Tree Lights near Dublin

Getting tangled up in a string of Christmas lights is something we have all been a victim of. But little did we know, there is actually a system in place of how to put lights on your Christmas tree (and not get strangled by a LED snake). Many people make the mistake of creating a spider web of lights that is nearly impossible to remove.

So what is the key to putting lights on a Christmas tree? The best and easiest way to put lights on, and remove them, from your Christmas tree is to do it horizontally and to start from the top! But first, try to figure out how many lights you need. Generally, the rule is to put 300 lights for every metre of the tree. But our staff working the Christmas Shop at Jones Garden Centre in Dublin can easily measure and advise you on the amount of lights you need. Connect your lights to a power outlet, not only to see if they are all working properly but also to see what you’re doing when putting them on the tree. From the top, go around and around until you reach the bottom of the tree. Place the lights a bit randomly and some more deep into the branches to create a real natural look.

Buy Christmas lights lightning at Jones Garden Centre Dublin

Battery operated or plug in Christmas lights?

Whether it’s the twinkle of white lights on a Christmas tree or the warm glow of candles, holiday decorating is a tradition that people around the world cherish. But with the rise in popularity of LED lights, some people might be wondering what makes battery operated and plug Christmas lights different. Battery operated lights are great for those who don’t have an outlet nearby or want the freedom of being able to move their decorations around with ease. For example, to decorate your Christmas wreath on the front door you can just use a short string of lights with a small battery, which you can easily hide at the backside of the wreath and turn on when it gets dark out.

Even though these lights operate on a battery, the lifespan of battery operated Christmas lights is considerably longer than plug-in lights. The power running to every individual light is much more controlled in battery operated lights and will therefore prevent a short circuit in the lights. Especially if you have battery-powered LED lights, you will reap the benefits of one and the same string of lights for the entire festive season. And of course, once the season is over you can use your battery operated lights as fairy lights inside the house for a little extra warmth and cosiness.

Don’t assume that a bargain found online will give you the same benefits. Only battery powered Christmas lights of good quality will give you the benefits, dreamy effect and long lifespan you expect. Have our knowledgeable staff advise you on the best set of lights to make your Christmas a twinkly one. At Jones Garden Centre you will find the best battery operated Christmas lights of Ireland. Our Christmas Shop at Jones Garden Centre near Dublin is equipped with all you need to turn your home, inside and outside, into an inviting and twinkly bliss. 

Plug-in Christmas lights are powered by an AC power adapter that plugs into a wall outlet. They typically have a larger bulb and are more suitable if you want the lights to be on frequently and for longer periods of time. If you want to decorate the whole garden, balcony or patio with long strings of lights, you might consider plug in lights, since these come on longer strings and are suitable to be used outdoors, whereas battery operated lights are usually shorter strings and meant for use inside the house.

Buy Christmas lights at Jones Garden Centre near Dublin

Everything you need to make this year’s Christmas a Merry one can be found at Jones Garden Centre near Dublin. Our garden centre’s Christmas Shop is carefully equipped with all you need to turn your home into a winter wonderland. Whether you are looking for decorations, wreaths to complement your front door or Christmas lights for either your home or your Christmas tree, our Christmas Shop in Dublin has got it all. Enjoy a full day of Christmas shopping at Jones Garden Centre with the whole family. We offer free parking, wheelchair accessibility throughout and free WiFi. And during or after the intense Christmas shopping, we’d love to welcome you in Mrs Jones’ Farm Kitchen for a recharging cup of coffee, lunch or a lovely afternoon tea. Our family-owned garden centre is open 7 days a week.

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