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Gas Barbecue

At Jones garden centre we have a large range of gas barbecues! All the Weber grills are built to the highest standard, made out of stainless steel and all the features you'd expect. The gas barbecues from Weber come in a wide range of sizes, with two and three burner variants, so there's a perfect fit for everyone!

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Barbecuing is a lifestyle

When done right, the delicious dishes you can make with a barbecue are endless! Not just meat but also many different combinations of fish and vega recepies are perfect to cook on a barbecue. These days you can barbecue all year round and even some of the best desserts come straight from the grill. There are many different dishes, styles, techniques and plenty of cooking books written just for the Grillmasters among us!  So pick a barbecue that best fits your needs and qualities as a barbecue chef!

Benefits of a gas BBQ

Gas BBQs may not give you the smokey barbecue flavour as charcoal barbecues do, but a gas barbecue have many benefits none the less

  • Easy to Clean
  • Convenient, just like a stove
  • Reasching cooking temperature quick and easy
  • Easy and safe to light
  • Complete and easy to control even temperature over the whole grill

What's your type of barbecue? 

There are many gas barbecues available in our store. What suits you best, is different for every individual, depending om how often your cooking outside and for how many people?  Grilling on gass is ideal for an outside kitchen. To use all year long, even in colder temperatures and for your whole family. Or in case your friends show up hun gry and unexpected. You whip up a tasteful and easy dinner every time.

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