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Howea forsteriana P21 - 100 CM

Price 59.95
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  • This product can only be collected, not sent
In stock

Howea forsteriana P21 - 100 CM

Price 59.95
  • Quantity
  • This product can only be collected, not sent
In stock
Howea forsteriana  P21 - 100 CM
Howea forsteriana P21 - 100 CM
Price 59.95

Light Requirements


Prefers bright, indirect light but will tolerate shade. Direct morning or afternoon sunlight for a few hours a day should not harm an established plant, providing it is not too harsh.Watering Requirements


Be careful not to overwater your Kentia Palm as this can lead to waterlogged roots and rot. Allow the top of the soil to dry out before watering again.Temperature Requirements


The Howea forsteriana prefers average household temperatures: between 16-24°C, but do not allow it to fall lower than 13°C. Avoid cold draughts.

Humidity Requirements


Howea forsteriana prefers increased humidity levels. Place on a shallow gravel tray filled with water and mist regularly. Ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.Feed Requirements


Liquid fertiliser can be applied occasionally during the growing season. Try not to over-feed.


Growth Rate

Height & Growth Rate

The Kentia Palm is a very slow-growing plant which typically reaches an ultimate indoor height of around 2 to 3 metres.



This palm is non-toxic and therefore safe around small children and animals.Air Purifying

Air Purifying

Palms clean and improve air quality by filtering toxins from the surrounding environment.Origin


Howea forsteriana originates from Lord Howe Island, Australia.

Please note: images show how this plant may look at various stages of maturity. The size you choose may look different.

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