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Boxer Puppy 3kg

Price 29.95

    This product is currently not available. Please leave your e-mail and we'll send you a notification the moment it's back in stock again.

    Boxer Puppy 3kg

    Price 29.95

    This product is currently not available. Please leave your e-mail and we'll send you a notification the moment it's back in stock again.

    Boxer Puppy 3kg
    Boxer Puppy 3kg
    Price 29.95

    Royal Canin Boxer Junior provides the ideal combination of minerals, proteins and fibres to support the growth and development of your young pet. Plenty of protein provides the building blocks for lean muscle development, while vitamins bolster your boxer's natural defences. Glucosamine helps your pet to develop strong joints for a healthy, active lifestyle. Maize, vegetables and rice provide plenty of fibre to keep young digestive systems functioning well and achieve a balance in the intestinal environment. The biscuit kibbles are specifically shaped for a boxer’s jaw, making it easier for your puppy to pick up the food and encouraging him to chew properly. Royal Canin Boxer Junior gives puppies up to the age of 15 months a great start in life.

    Key features:

    • kibble specially shaped for your boxer puppy’s jaw
    • fibre-filled formula supports puppy’s digestive health
    • protein aids muscle mass development
    • vitamins help to support your dog's natural defences as he grows.

    A carefully balanced, nutritionally sound diet is essential for giving your puppy the energy they needs to grow normally in the first 15 months of life. This important time in their development is crucial, as it allows your pet to grow into a strong, healthy adult and can minimise future health complications. Boxer dogs in particular can find it difficult to eat some types of complete food, which is why the kibble has been designed to be picked up by boxer jaws. A combination of complex fibres in each kibble will help your dog to develop a healthy digestive system, and enable them to absorb all the nutrients they need from their food at this early stage. Plenty of protein supports the growth of lean muscles and strengthens their bodies as they grow older.

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