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Alpines are superb plants for the beginner gardener but also for more experienced gardeners looking to expand their range of plants. Delicate yet tough and thriving, once you’ve grown a few you will be hooked. At Jones garden Centre we have a wide range of Alpines for every garden. Enter our webshop or come and visit our garden centre and enthusiastic experts in Donabate.

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What are Alpines?

Alpine plants are plants that originate high in the mountains, usually above the tree line. They have to be able to take a beating to survive in these extreme places: harsh temperatures, scarcity of water, strong winds, bright sunshine and sparse, rocky soil. They tend to grow low by the ground and produce vivid flowers in a wide range of colours.

Choosing the right Alpines for your garden

Because of their compact nature, alpines are particularly suited to small gardens and pots, where you can create a colourful array of plants in very little space.  Because they are resilient and hardy, they do well in cold, exposed places. Most alpines are adapted to dry, rocky conditions and thus require granular, free-draining soil. This makes them ideal for containers, raised beds, gravel gardens, rock gardens, or even rocky crevices. Alpine plants do not like heavy, moist soil, especially in winter. If your soil is heavily clayey or tends to get soggy, it is best to grow alpines in containers or pots. Always check the plant labels before you buy an Alpine plant to make sure the plants you choose will thrive under your conditions. Our experts at Jones garden centre can help you choose the right Alpines for your personal outdoor space.

How to grow Alpines in your garden

Alpine plants are charming little plants, with flowers of various vivid colours, often in plentiful production. They are native to alpine regions as their name already suggests, so they are cold-hardy. They are also easy to grow, as long as you use a well-draining compost and don't overwater them. Their compact size makes them ideal for small gardens and pots, and they are readily available in a wide variety, so it's easy to assemble a pretty decent collection.

Alpines at Jones garden centre

At Jones garden centre we have a wide range of perennials with colourful flowers. They are a perfect fit for every garden or balcony, come visit our garden centre to have a look at our shrubs such as Alpines and we're glad to assist you with any questions you might have. We hope to see you soon in our garden centre in Donabate.