Garden Gurus

Join our community of experienced gardeners and discuss and share your experiences and knowledge through our online forum. Add to and further improve your garden with our extensive range and avail of our plant search options to find plants which you may not typically find in store.

Here at Jones Garden Centre we have a strong customer base of men and women who have shopped with us since we opened our doors together we have grown in knowledge and experience. These men and women have amassed a wealth of experience over the years through many sources from books to getting down to business in the garden and seeing their creations grow. these men and women are our Garden Gurus.

In this section of our site we encourage the sharing of gardening tips and stories to help the more novice members of our community realise their Garden Dream. We will be featuring gardens and the stories behind them of our customers. Our Garden Gurus have become experts by a number of means through inheritance, through passion and even by chance. Become a Garden Guru and Grow with us both in your garden and in your brain.

Thomas Smyth

Thomas is the newest member of our Horticultural team having joined the team in Autumn 2015. Thomas is a fully trained horticulturist and comes to us with 12 years experience and has trained in the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland. Thomas is on hand to share his expertise in all aspects of gardening and specialises in herbaceous plants and roses.